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Camp fees
flexible options

We know that everyone's economic situation is different, and we are committed to making sure that anyone who wants to come to camp is able. Conscious Minds Co-op is a volunteer-based organization (no permanent staff), and we strive to balance access to camp with paying the folks who make camp possible.


This year we are offering a sliding scale of payment options, with what your payments contribute to listed below:

1. $100 - covers one camper [5 day online programming, as well as a 3 day 2 night physical camp experience we are hoping to host at the end of the week]

2. $150 - covers the cost one camper as well as ensuring our volunteer-based staff get paid and enables us to present honourariums 

3. Pay What You Can - for those who are experiencing financial difficulties, this option enables you to pay what you can afford, and donations we receive even out the costs

We believe in the power of co-operation, and have found over the years that with a combination of fundraising, and camper contributions, we are always able to make camp happen.

our costs

Because camp will be mainly virtually-run this year, some of our expenses, such as for food and land are much lower than usual; however we would still like to make our staff payments and honourariums possible!  No donation goes to waste, and any donations that go beyond what is needed for camp will be used to fund future CMC workshops.  Every dollar raised will make our collective camp experiences more engaging and sustainable!

Camp Budget
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