Camp fees
flexible options

We know that everyone's economic situation is different, and we are committed to making sure that anyone who wants to come to camp is able. Conscious Minds Co-op is a volunteer-based organization (no permanent staff), and we strive to balance access to camp with paying the folks who make camp possible.


This year, we are offering 4 payment options:

1. $360 - full 10 days, bare bones (this means we are just covering our core costs)

2. $500 - full 10 days, this includes all our core costs, and also pays for some of the hard work and long hours that we youth volunteers put in to make camp happen

3. Pay What You Can + Work-Trade - full 10 days, pay what you can afford plus take up a responsibility at camp such as maintenance or additional kitchen support; full details to be decided on an individual basis

4. Sponsorship - find a business or individual to cover your costs. check out our donation page for details! If you would like to raise money for your camp attendance, we are here to help!

We believe in the power of co-operation, and have found over the years that with a combination of fundraising, and camper contributions, we are always able to make camp happen.

our costs

This is what we are aiming for! Closer to camp a specific list of supplies and groceries will be posted for in-kind donations. The bare minimum we need to run our camp is $16,500. Every dollar raised beyond that will make our collective camp experience more engaging and sustainable!

at 60 campers,
full 10-day camp

Basic Costs

Transportation                                                – $2000

Land                                                               – $1000

Food                                                              – $6000

Eco Projects                                                   – $1500

Supplies                                                         – $2000

Health Care                                                    – $600


Chefs                                                               – $2000

Honoraria for Guest Presenters                       – $2000

Organizers                                                       – $14,400


Bank Fees                                                        – $100

Administration Fees                                        – $500

Insurance                                                         – $1000

TOTAL                                                            – $33,100

Per Camper*                                                          – $551.66


*We really mean it when we say offer what you can!


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