what to expect at camp


Climate change resilience

What is Climate Change? Environmental Degradation?

What are the root causes? How is it linked to colonization?

How can we mitigate the effects? 

How can we adapt? 

Imagining green building and city designs 

Envisioning good governance for environmental protection

Building solar panels

Empower youth

To cultivate healthy and resilient communities

Provide a healing space

Where youth are connected to urban and rural peers, earth and elders, critical and creative ways of thinking, and innovative ways of living

enable youth

To create a path forward, for all of us

how we learn at camp:

full spectrum living

and wellness sessions

Yoga and Martial Arts by Certified Teachers 

Mindfulness and Meditation


Daily Walks

Dialogue About Mental Health 


We acknowledge the sacredness of the lands and waters on which we live and work. As a co-operative, we acknowledge that we exist under the Dish With One Spoon Wampum Treaty, and humbly accept our responsibility to share and care for the lands and resources around the Great Lakes. The Dish With One Spoon Wampum is a peace agreement woven between Haudenosaunee Confederacy and allied nations after the Onkwehon:we strife. The wampum affirms the need for all of us to use the spoon to take only what we need, and the mutual responsibility to care for the health of the whole (the dish). We are grateful for the many teachings of the wampum that tells us that peace is possible, though the path to get there will be hard. We are all treaty people, and we are all responsible to ensure that the dish is kept healthy for future generations.


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